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Adobe Training

Levels Offered
1 2 3
Photoshop Icon Photoshop Learn how to use the image editing program with an experienced instructor. You’ll learn how to make selections, handle layers, touch up images and more.
InDesign Icon InDesign As the leading desktop publishing software, InDesign provides you with flexibility and greater control over your document than other applications. You just need to learn to use it. Topics covered include working with text and typography. Creating an applying styles as well as preparing a document for print.
Illustrator Icon Illustrator Let’s get creative with Adobe Illustrator. Spend time learning about this program’s capability to draw the most intricate computer graphics possible. We’ll start with simple shapes and before you know it you be drawing anything your mind can conjure up!
Acrobat Icon Acrobat Create and edit PDFs. Learn how to find and replace text, make a document accessible, add bookmarks and hyperlinks. All in the span of just one class!
Dreamweaver Icon Dreamweaver Dreamweaver allows you to create a simple website from scratch, even if you only have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Signing up for a course is the best way to get started.

Microsoft Training

Levels Offered
1 2 3
Microsoft Word Icon Word Even if you think you know all about Microsoft Word, I’m sure I can teach you all sorts of tips and tricks, and introduce you to features you’ve never used before.
Microsoft Excel Icon Excel Microsoft Excel has a plethora of features that haven’t been discovered by the average user. Come learn how to use vlookups, the if function and pivot tables.
Microsoft Powerpoint Icon Powerpoint You’ll be able to create elegant professional looking presentations in no time after taking this course. We’ll discuss importing and styling pictures, bring in text from Word efficiently, creating your own design template and more.
Microsoft Visio Icon Visio What is Visio? Come find out! One of Microsoft’s lesser known programs, this allows you to create any kind of diagram from floorplans and maps to process diagrams and organization charts. Take the course before using the program to save time and energy.
Microsoft Outlook Icon Outlook If you spend too much time trying to organize your day, answer your messages and keep track of the things you have to get done, Outlook can come to the rescue! Most people have this powerful application sitting on their computers, but don’t take advantage of its features. I can show you how.

Computer Language Training

Levels Offered
1 2 3
HTML & CSS This course is perfect for someone who knows no HTML, no CSS, and has never written a piece of computer code in their life. However, by the time you leave your last session you’ll feel comfortable creating a simple website from scratch or updating an existing site.
HTML 5 HTML 5 is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. You will learn all the new features and elements that this language has to provide, as well as a little CSS3. Basic HTML 4 knowledge is required for this course. Basic knowledge of Javascript is an assist.
CSS Know HTML, but don’t know how to make it look good? Then you need to learn how to write CSS! Background images, class and id selectors, paddings and margins, these are all just the start!